I have been practising Reiki for twenty years and have attuned people from all walks of life enpowering them to give this gentle form of healing to themselves as well as to others. All courses include a comprehensive manual and certificate.


This first level  introduces you to Reiki  enabling you to become a channel for Reiki healing. You will receive attunements to prepare the chakras to receive Reiki energy, the Universal Life force present in all living things. You ‘ll become an important channel for Reiki energy, enabling you to give healing immediately to your family, pets, and friends and even difficult situations. You can also give Reiki to clients should you wish and once you have your insurance. For anyone carrying out therapies such as massage or shiatsu, it will enable you to give treatments more easily without feeling tired as with Reiki you do not use your own energy.

One day course  : 

130 Euros


During Reiki Two your Reiki energy will be greatly increased and you will learn three important symbols which can only be given to you by an initiated Reiki Master . You will learn how to give Distant Healing and learn the meaning and uses for all three symbols. Many people choose to stay at this Reiki Two level .

Two day course : 

200 Euros


If you chose to continue to level three, Reiki Master, Reiki will already have become an important part of your life. You may feel a strong urge to teach or to  take Reiki to a higher level.  A fourth symbol – the Master Symbol will be given to you during this course which will have important benefits to you, to others  and even to the planet and will greatly amplify all your healing.  You do not have to teach Reiki in order to benefit from Reiki at this level however if you do choose to teach others you will experience the wonderful and often moving rewards of seeing others open up to receiving this precious Reiki gift.                                                                                                                          

Three day course : 

300 Euros

Courses at another location may sometimes be arranged to suit your individual needs. Please ask for details.