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The Benefits of Massage


Massage dates back to thousands of years with ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Egyptians and Indians believing in its medicinal benefits. In the early 1800’s the Swedish doctor Per Henril Ling developed a method of movement which became known as the “Swedish Movement System”. Today Swedish massage is the most common form of massage practised in the Western world.



Massage helps blood circulation around your muscles, increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen, leading to increased flexibility amongst other benefits.
Massage is most commonly used as a preventative practice as well as being used to treat pain and to aid healing of injured muscles. Other benefits include:
• Deep relaxation•
• A feeling of wellbeing
• Improved skin tone•
• Moisturisation of dry and very dry skin
• Relief from tension headaches normally caused by stress
• Relief from general aches, pains and strains


If you are suffering from a diminished immune system you may particularily benefit from a massage.
The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system which comprises a large network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart.
Massage can assist the flow of lymph through the body, thereby assisting the immune system to prevent disease. Can also aid in reducing oedema (swelling).


“What a wonderful relaxing massage. I feel totally chilled out and very calm. Will certainly be returning to experience other treatments.” Trudy

• I have over ten years experience of carrying out massage treatments for clients successfuly treating a wide range of conditions.
• I am qualified in Swedish Body massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology and Anatomy (V.T.C.T. Level Three).
• I always take time to complete a Questionnaire of your medical history to give you the best possible treatment suited to your individual needs.
• I care about my clients and am a good listener.

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A relaxing, therapeutic massage including pure essential plant oils blended and selected for your individual needs.

One hour. Single treatment
45 euros

30 mins. Single treatment
30 euros