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During this period of confinement it has never been more important to indulge yourself with self-care.
You may find, like me, that you have some days when you feel fine spending more time at home. You actually enjoy discovering new things to do such as crafting, trying new recipes or gardening. However on other days, not meeting with your family, looking at the news or not being unable to go to your favourite cafe may leave you wondering what you can do to feel better.
Well here is the first of my Cabinet Cerises newsletters which I hope you will enjoy. I would love to hear from you with any feedback.
I am also delighted to announce the re-opening of Cabinet Cerises in Jouac (87890) from 12 May where I will be taking bookings for Reflexology and Pedicures. Treatments will be adapted slightly in order to maintain the highest level of hygiene and your safety.
If you wish to reserve your place please get in touch on:
05 55 60 64 08 or text 0044 7840923811
E mail : [email protected]

Your own Home Pedicure

Have everything ready before you start.

You will need:
• A chair to sit on. A small table or chair to put your things on.
• A bowl or foot spa to soak your feet.
• Two small towels.
• A foot soak or you can use a small amount of bubble bath, shower gel or two to three drops of lavender or geranium pure essential oil.
(Available from some pharmacies but only use one drop the first time in case of any allergy).
• If you are going to cut your toe nails you will need nail scissors and or clippers and a nail file. A wide one is best.
• A foot file if you have one for hard skin on the feet.
• Nail varnish if you wish to paint your nails.
• A foot cream otherwise a body lotion or even a hand cream.
• Cotton pads (available from supermarkets and better than cotton wool which can stick to nail varnish).
• If you wish you can play your favourite relaxing music. This is your special time.

To carry out your home pedicure.

    • Fill your bowl or foot spa about half way with warm water. Add foot soak, bubble bath or essential oil. (Test the temperature carefully before submerging your feet.)  
    • Soak your feet for at least five minutes and enjoy the experience.  
    • Take your feet out of the bowl and pat them dry. Be careful to dry in between each toe. Put the bowl to one side.
    • You may now wish to do the rest of the pedicure resting your feet on another chair, stool or on a sofa. Cover the chair or sofa with a towel. Make sure you can comfortably reach each foot. You can support your back with cushions.
    • If you have a foot file, file any hard areas of skin especially the heels using gentle circular movements.
    • Cut your toe nails straight across then file them carefully with a nail file.  
    • If you are painting your nails, carefully wipe them with a cotton pad or towel first.
    • Put a small amount of varnish on the brush and gently wipe a little off inside the side of the bottle to avoid drips.
    • You can aim to use just three strokes for the big toe and one or two for the other toes.  
    • Leave the varnish to dry for about five minutes. You can gently touch a nail after this time to see if it is still sticky. If it is, wait a bit longer for the varnish to dry.
    • You can add another coat if you wish to make it last longer.
    • Once the varnish is completely dry, gently massage your feet and ankles with a cream. Relax for as long as you like. Et voila!


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