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Meditation in our every day lives.

Let’s face it, we are living in strange times, not being able to perhaps see some of our family members or having to adapt to new regulations. We may be seeing our incomes drop and living with the uncertainty of not knowing what is going to be decided next by our government. Some of us however are taking advantage of finding new ways of working, whether through technology or serving food take-aways, jewellery making, nail painting, late night parcel delivery and so on. Some of us who have health problems, are still not going out or not going far whilst others are now going on holiday, some abroad.

During the last few months since the Covid 19 period started I have personally had many challenges to face including having to adapt my work practices and spending more time than normal with my close family and less time than normal with other family members. I have had to find time for myself to gather my thoughts and I do this mainly through walking and meditation. I have also found that putting my energy into creative activities such as baking and painting with my daughter all really help me at this time.

During my day, I always try and find moments to sit quietly or lie down and connect with my breath. Buddists call this mindfulness.

To start meditating, find a quiet spot inside or outdoors and find a comfortable place to sit. If you have no major breathing problems you can try the following:

Take a slow breath in for four counts, hold for four, exhale for four then hold out for four counts. Repeat as long as you are meditating or find your own calm breathing pattern.

When you first start meditating you may experience lots of thoughts, including negative thoughts. Remember they are just thoughts and just let them come and go without judging them or trying to stop them. Just let them pass. To start with, just meditate for a few minutes. You can have a watch handy and decide on 3 or 5 minutes to start with then gradually build up the time if you wish. Don’t finish the meditation too suddenly but rather say a quiet thank you at the end. Take your time before you resume other activities.

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